Training calendar


Below are the dates and venues of the forthcoming study immersions in our ongoing training for teachers. Each study immersion can be undertaken as stand-alone continuous professional development for all teachers. The number of hours available from each immersion is shown for the interest of those wishing to study, or currently studying towards, YA500-hour certification.


You can commence your study towards YA500-hour certification at any time and start collecting your minimum compulsory hours of study with Simon Low and faculty at any of the study immersions offered.


Further study immersions will be announced in due course.


DATE Title and venue Teachers
13 – 20 July 2019

Ongoing Teacher Training Immersion and Study Immersion: Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training
Santillán, Spain

Simon Low and Belinda Edwards

22 – 29 February 2020

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Immersion and Practice Immersion: Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training
Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand

Simon Low and The Yoga Academy


The study immersions offer a multi-faceted journey into the broad spectrum of yoga, infused with complementary ancient and contemporary philosophy, anatomy and physiology, somatic enquiry, psychology, pranayama and meditation as well as our own ongoing research and practice. We are committed to providing awakening, progressive and practical teachings that challenge, stimulate and enrich teachers of all approaches to yoga.


Each study immersion will have a primary focus on one of the below topics, sometimes featuring a guest teacher, but will maintain threads of continuity linking the teachings together.


  • Embryological patterning, ancestral and primal developmental influences
  • Axial core, gravity, balance and movement in asana 
  • Applied anatomical teachings toward safe and effective practice
  • Safe and effective adjustments for teacher and student
  • Teaching and practice of Restorative and Yin Yoga
  • Therapeutics for the low back
  • Somatics and sensory motor awareness
  • Psychology and yoga
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and applications in yoga
  • Yoga and scoliosis with Narelle Carter-Quinlan
  • Yoga and ME with Fiona Agombar
  • Thai Yoga Massage and applications in yoga with Ralf Marzen
  • Tantric philosophy with Carlos Pomoda


Each study immersion day will begin with led Yin and Yang Yoga, and each week will involve self-practice with the Yoga Acaemy faculty offering adjustment and guidance for the development of your personal practice. In addition, each day will include 


  • breath work for deep relaxation and cellular wellness,
  • mantra for concentration and inspiration,
  • insight, wisdom and awareness through meditation.
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