The standard price for each study immersion includes meals, shared accommodation, tuition and all Yoga Academy study materials. It does not include the cost of pre-immersion reading and study material, other than proprietary Yoga Academy material and handouts that you will receive, where necessary.


Each study immersion is priced individually on the basis of the length of the immersion, tuition hours as well as the cost of accommodation, catering and facility fees of the venue. The price for each study immersion is given in connection with their content description in the next section.


Students registering to study towards their 500-hour certification are subject to a registration fee of GBP 250 payable to The Yoga Academy upon registering to the first module. After payment of the registration fee, an online log sheet will be set up for the student on The Yoga Academy website, where they can keep track of the hours and days of study on our programme. This will be maintained throughout the student's study with us.


After having accumulated the required total number of contact and non-contact hours, a certification fee of GBP 250 will be payable to The Yoga Academy. Students will then be furnished with a Yoga Academy certificate at the 500-hour level, which they will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance US (Yoga Alliance UK registration available soon), and on both organisations’ websites you will be able to enter your contact details as a 500-hour teacher for all to view.

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