Requirements for applying for YA500 upgrade training


Teachers wishing to apply to study for Yoga Alliance US 500-hour certification (Yoga Alliance UK 500-hour available shortly) need to have an existing 200-hour certificate from either The Yoga Academy or another Yoga Alliance US certified school, proof of which will need to be made available to us. If your existing 200-hour certificate is from a non-Yoga Alliance US registered school, you can still enrol on our study immersions and complete the required number of hours towards certification at the 500-hour level, but Yoga Alliance US rules do not allow you to register your 500-hour certificate with them if your current 200-hour certificate is not registered with Yoga Alliance US.


To maintain the integrity and continuity of The Yoga Academy’s exacting standards, and in compliance with Yoga Alliance US criteria, The Yoga Academy is offering 500-hour certification through training organised exclusively by The Yoga Academy. In other words, the hours from these training modules can only be collected towards a 500-hour certificate from The Yoga Academy; they are not eligible towards 500-hour certification by another school, or vice versa.


To meet the Yoga Alliance US requirements for upgrading from the 200-hour level to the 500-hour level, each student needs to complete a minimum of 265 contact hours. Our study immersions will provide you this minimum number, complemented with some extra hours, depending on how you compile your immersions. We encourage continuous professional development and peer review; therefore together, our study immersions and the non-contact hours provide 300+ hours towards the upgrade. The non-contact hours will consist of self-study based on pre-immersion reading material on selected immersions, assigned pre-immersion study and assignments during the immersions, where specified.


“What is needful?

Righteousness, and sacred learning and teaching.

Truth, and sacred learning and teaching.

Meditation, and sacred learning and teaching.

Self-control, and sacred learning and teaching.

Peace, and sacred learning and teaching.

Ritual, and sacred learning and teaching.

Humanity, and sacred learning and teaching.”

Taittiriya Upanishad, translated by Juan Mascaro

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