Our ongoing training for teachers consists of a series of study immersions that vary in length from 3 to 14 days. Available independently as continuing professional development, each study immersion also offers a range of hours eligible towards Yoga Alliance US 500-hour certification (Yoga Alliance UK available shortly). The study immersions are offered as residential intensives at specially selected international locations in the UK, Europe and Far East.


Yoga teachers wishing to study towards formal certification at the 500-hour level with the Yoga Alliance US (Yoga Alliance UK available shortly) can begin this training with any study immersion and also repeat any that they consider would be helpful for consolidation of knowledge. There is no minimum or maximum training period. Every student can progress at their own pace, and there is no set date of graduation. Your training towards the 500-hour certificate is complete, once you have collected the minimum contact hours with Simon Low and faculty and completed the balance of remaining contact and non-contact hours. You will then receive from The Yoga Academy a certificate that states you have completed the 300+ hours towards the 500-hour certification, and you can register this certificate with Yoga Alliance US (Yoga Alliance UK available shortly) to upgrade your status from an RYT200 teacher to an RYT500 teacher.


Required hours towards RYT500 certification

In accordance with Yoga Alliance US specifications, to qualify for the 500-hour registration, each student with a 200-hour certificate needs to complete a minimum of 265 contact hours of training on a registered Yoga Alliance US upgrade programme. Yoga Alliance UK accreditation will be available shortly.


Average contact hours per day on The Yoga Academy’s study immersions for teachers are 7.5 hours, but small variations may possibly occur on certain days. Therefore, as a guideline and working on an average basis, each student studying towards RYT500 certification would need to complete 5 weeks, or 36 days, of contact-hour training to meet the Yoga Alliance®’s minimum requirement of 265 contact hours. 


Out of the 265 minimum contact hours, a minimum of 21 days/155 hours need to be completed on study immersions led by Simon Low and faculty, with some of them also including a guest teacher on a specific subject.


The remaining required contact hours can be accumulated by attending further Yoga Academy modules led by Simon Low as well as certain eligible teacher-training workshops, dissections and study activities, which Simon and/or specified Yoga Academy faculty teachers lead at yoga studios or venues around the world (for example Julie Gudmestad in the USA and UK). We will announce eligible workshops and trainings as they are scheduled.


On average, studying towards certification at the 500-hour level would take from 18 to 24 months, but for those choosing to attend all offered modules chronologically from date of registration, completion would be sooner. At this time, we are arranging study immersions in the UK, Turkey, Thailand and Bali, and optional eligible workshops will also be listed on the Yoga Academy website.

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