Samantha Aikenhead“The Yoga Academy was very professional from the outset. I signed up to the Yin and Restorative 50-hour study immersion in June 2014 late in the day and the team were fantastic in getting me booked on promptly and sending me all the information I needed. Simon and Eija are fantastic teachers; they were very professional and the comprehensive course material and delivery was a huge step up from my YTTC200.  I did my initial training elsewhere, but Simon and Eija made sure I understood the basics from their own YTTC course and got me up to speed alongside their existing Yoga Academy students. I have benefitted hugely from their knowledge and passion for anatomy and how to practice safely, which has brought an added dimension to my classes.”

Samantha Aikenhead, yoga teacher, UK, 50-hour study immersion June 2014


Helen Smithson“I completed The Yoga Academy's 50-hour teacher training intensive on Restorative and Yin Yoga after initially training in India to teach Ashtanga. Although Simon and Eija's approach to yoga was radically different to that of the original school I attended, they were mindful I was not a Yoga Academy graduate and seamlessly brought me up to speed with its theories. I gained a lot of knowledge about yoga in general that week as well as a thorough understanding of yin and restorative yoga and would definitely recommend the study immersion to others. I also left the week feeling I had an invaluable network of support from other, like-minded, UK-based yoga teachers, some of whom had attended the course and others Eija kindly introduced me to afterwards.”

Helen Smithson, UK, 50-hour study immersion June 2014


Renate Eriksen“I am a yoga teacher and have travelled around the world for yoga retreats. I usually become ill during travelling to a point that I need to visit a doctor. Any change of weather, food or fatigue can cause problems in my system.


In my last journey in January 2014, I went to Samahita Retreat for a yoga holiday with Simon Low. By the end of the week, I felt very healthy and extended my stay for an extra week with him at Jungleyoga.


During these two weeks, I got rid of pains that had been caused by an old back injury in yoga. The results were magnificent and I could not believe it. I went to Turkey to do a 50-hour study immersion with Simon and his faculty in summer 2014, and the results exceeded my experiences from various health farms in India. I was able to reach my desirable weight, my asanas improved a great deal, I felt less tired and more energetic. I run my own studio in Iran and now come to Simon and his faculty to improve my teaching skills.


In Simon's groups, everybody is treated equally in terms of age, gender and body limitations, and the classes are so encouraging for everyone.


What else can anyone can ask for?”

Afsaneh Saghari, yoga teacher, Teheran, Iran


Adrian DemourliedFrom Simon’s inspiring and thought provoking led classes, through Eija’s anatomically detailed tuition and adjustments, I feel as if I have attended a 1-1 Masterclass in Yoga, but with the added benefit of being able to further enhance my knowledge base, by tapping into the experiences of my fellow Yoga teachers from around the world with whom I shared the course. Only now, a few weeks since the training ended, I am beginning to fully appreciate how deeply my time on this study immersion will affect my own practice and ultimately that of my students, as they will, by natural extension, be joint beneficiaries of my time spent on this training. Thank you Simon, Eija and fellow students for a truly humbling and memorable experience.

Adrian Demoulpied, Sivananda Yoga teacher, Wales,
50-hour study immersion June 2014

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