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Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher Training and study immersion 2011


Katherine Francis

“Be aware it is a 200-hour intensive and only the beginning of the journey to being a confident, wise teacher. It takes years!! If you know little about yoga beyond asana classes, take time to read a little more or take a couple of short workshops as an introduction. Teacher training is a BIG leap and requires preparation, if you expect to take in all there is to learn. It’s the 1st step on a life journey.

Katherine Francis, Hong Kong, graduate of YYTT 2011

Lydia Koch

Have regular yoga self-practice and read the books from the pre-reading course list before coming. Be aware of the huge amount of knowledge you will have to organise in a very short period of time. You will go through a fast process of personal development, which you will share with lots of lovely people.

Lydia Koch, Germany, graduate of YYTT 2011

Karen Whitehouse

“Surrender and open your heart to every second. Soak up the 40 years of knowledge and experience, absorb and cherish it.

Karen Whitehouse, UK, graduate of YYTT 2011

Steph Lightfoot

Be ready for it to be INTENSE and arrive rested.. Be open-minded to relearning what you may already feel you know. Be prepared to feel overwhelmed, emotional or frustrated at times, but trust that it will ALL fall into place.

Steph Lightfoot, France, graduate of YYTT 2011



Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher Training and study immersion 2012


Deborah Tom

“Learn the Sanskrit names of poses before you come. Learn some basic anatomy before you come. Go on a one-day first aid course before you come.

Deborah Tom, UK, graduate of YYTT 2012

Jozef Wiewel

“I have always been teaching and will continue to do so. The difference is now that I will do so with the knowledge and support of Simon and his crew. Go and get involved!

Jozef Wiewel, UK, graduate of YYTT 2012

Faisal Nasution

“The combination of yang and yin practice based on detailed explanation of the care for alignment and how each individual body can be different is crucial for anybody who wants to take up yoga as a regular practice.

Faisal Nasution, Indonesia, graduate of YYTT 2012

Antti Heikinheimo

“Do your homework, in particular prepare for anatomy, and be prepared to work hard and then just enjoy the ride. You are truly on the receiving end. Learn from your fellow trainees and be ready to share what you have to give.

Antti Heikinheimo, Finland, graduate of YYTT 2012

Andrew Topping

“Just do it! Study daily and be ready for a challenging four weeks!

Andrew Topping, Canada, graduate of YYTT 2012

Rosalind Wade

“Be open, be accepting, and be prepared for change.

Rosalind Wade, Hong Kong, graduate of YYTT 2012

Gudrun Docherty

“This course will serve you well if you want to make yoga a full-time career. You will know how to keep your students safe, how to design balanced lesson plans, how to create the right atmosphere for class, how to work with private clients and much more.

Gudrun Docherty, Greece, graduate of YYTT 2012



Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher Training and study immersion 2013


Susana Vasquez Aldama

“Take the time to do your pre-course homework. It helps you understand the whole process much better. And watch Simon’s DVD (if you haven’t practiced with him before.)

Susana Vásquez Aldama, Spain/Germany, graduate of YYTT 2013

Maria de Sousa

“Prior to your arrival, be sure to study the anatomy papers you will receive so you are better prepared to receive the information that will be delivered. Treat yourself to a couple of hours’ of massage upon your arrival, it will do wonders to your body and will enable you to start your journey in the right mindset, calm and relaxed.

Maria de Sousa, Portugal, graduate of YYTT 2013

Michelle Killian

“Read the pre-course material so you have an understanding of the course content. It will also take pressure off when revising for exams. Enjoy the course and use your free time wisely.

Michelle Killian, Ireland, graduate of YYTT 2013

Maha Malik

The course fosters learning at every level of practice. I gained from it as much as I could have, at my own pace and station in yoga. Although a fundamental skill level is important in order to absorb and place the teachings, personal commitment is by far the more valuable asset. To all applicants, I would say this: simply be committed to your practice. And trust the process. You will never be prepared enough. But quietly, almost seamlessly, whether you go on to teach or not, this exceptional training will change you.

Maha Malik, Pakistan, graduate of YYTT 2013