The course finishes with final assessment and peer teaching days. You will sit two 2.5 hour written examinations, which will address the course subjects covered: philosophical concepts, Sanskrit terminology covering both asana names and key philosophical terms, applied anatomy and physiology as well as lesson planning and teaching methodology. The first exam focuses on applied anatomy and physiology alone and the second on lesson planning and teaching methodology, philosophical concepts and Sanskrit.


Final written examination at YYTT 2013

Students sitting the final 2.5-hour written examination


In the practical teaching assessments you will be assessed teaching both a Yang Yoga and a Yin Yoga class to your peers. In these assessments, you will be able to put everything you have learned into practice and share it with your fellow trainees in a safe and nurturing teaching environment. You will be prepared for the assessments gradually over the course of the four weeks, with ample constructive feedback to support you along the way. 


Although challenging, our previous students have reported the teaching assessments to be some of the highlights of their course experience, as teaching their fellow trainees so tangibly shows the extent of personal growth that has taken place during the four intensive training weeks.


YYTT 2013 students after their teaching assessment

YYTT 2013 students after their teaching assessment: Berrin (Austria), Maria (Portugal/UK), Sophie (Taiwan), Louise (Bahrain), Smita (UK), Lisette (The Netherlands), Michelle (Ireland) and Becky (UK).


Final written examination at YYTT 2013

This beachfront shala might be the venue of your final assessed taught class



The curriculum of the Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher Training and Study Immersion meets, and extensively exceeds, the minimum standards set by Yoga Alliance US at the 200-hour level. Yoga Alliance US was established in 1998 to form a registry of international yoga teachers, who meet the standards of training as set by Yoga Alliance US. The Yoga Academy has also met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance UK, demonstrating that our courses are of the highest standard and that our graduates may use the title 'Registered Yoga Teacher' (RYT) as a sign of quality training, when they register themselves with Yoga Alliance UK. 


Upon successful graduation therefore, after completing all course segments and meeting all course requirements, our graduates will be awarded with a certificate that entitles them to register with both Yoga Alliance US and Yoga Alliance UK as certified teachers at the 200-hour level.


YYTT 2015 Graduates

Happy YYTT 2015 students after their final led class on graduation day