Simon LowSimon Low

Simon Low (BWY-accredited, E-RYT 500 and SYT) is the principal of The Yoga Academy, which offers foundational and continuing education to yoga teachers and students in the UK and internationally. After a career in the music industry based out of London and New York, Simon undertook training as yoga teacher and therapist 25 years ago with renowned yoga teacher, therapist and author Dr Larry Payne at Samata International in Los Angeles, California. These studies were augmented by Simon’s training in macrobiotics, bodywork and psycho-spiritual enquiry.


Simon LowSimon’s foundational teachings are informed by the teachings of Sri T Krishnamacharya and his primary students. Simon’s current teachings reflect his continued training and on-going studies with international teachers in many forms of Hatha and Classical yoga, traditional Chinese and eastern medicine, Chi Kung, ancient and contemporary healing methodologies, centred-movement, psychology and physical therapy. Simon has also studied in A.H. Almaas’ Ridhwan School, but his primary teacher lives within himself, a relationship he continues to cultivate with the help and guidance of his current teachers and practice. He inspires others to cultivate the same relationship within themselves and their own yoga practices.


Following many years of teaching in the UK, Simon co-founded Triyoga in London, where he was Director of Yoga until 2003, since which time he has concentrated on teacher training at The Yoga Academy and on leading study immersions, workshops and rejuvenating yoga retreats around the world. Over the years, Simon has developed a unique and personal teaching style and now practices and teaches a harmonious combination of Yin and Yang Yoga. Not a set system but a balanced approach that can inform and enrich all styles of yoga, Yin and Yang Yoga offers fresh vitality to yoga practice, kindness and respect to the human form, transformative breathing practices, and for the mind – the space for peace and tranquillity.


In 2007, Simon released his now very popular DVD “Yin and Yang Yoga” and in spring 2015, Yin Yoga App for iPhone.


Cara AppleyardCara Appleyard

UK-born Cara Appleyard has been living on Koh Samui for more than 10 years. Cara is a first aid teacher, certified through Emergency First Response, and a PADI dive instructor, who is also on call as a tender for the island’s recompression chamber, as well as a yoga teacher.


Cara AppleyardCara graduated from the Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher Training and Study Immersion in 2011 and has been a residential yoga teacher at Kamalaya spa on Koh Samui since February 2015. Cara’s interest also lies in nutrition, and she runs a small catering business specialising in healthy cakes and raw chocolate delights.


On this course, Cara teaches 2 x 2 hours of essential first aid skills for yoga teachers.