Samahita Retreat is a dedicated eco-friendly beachfront retreat centre for yoga, holistic health and wellbeing located on Laem Sor beach on the southern end of the tropical island of Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. The site is surrounded by towering coconut trees in a quiet, spacious area.


Samahita Yoga Thailand

Samahita Retreat is located behind the coconut trees


Samahita Entrance

Samahita entrance


Having long been at the forefront of yoga-teaching worldwide, Samahita Retreat features two yoga studios – a beachfront shala and a dedicated yoga shala including blocks, straps, chairs and bolsters.


Samahita Yoga Thailand

Samahita studio


Samahita Yoga Thailand

Beachfront yoga shala by the pool area


Samahita retreat also features a meditation garden, beachfront salt water swimming pool, poolside herbal steam room, kids club and playground and a beachfront lounge. 


Samahita Yoga Thailand

Beachfront salt-water pool area


Samahita Yoga Thailand

Beachfront pool patio


The on-site Samahita Wellness Centre provides a range of holistic services from personalised detox programmes to ayurvedic massage. There is also a retail boutique on site where you can purchase yoga clothes, mats, mat bags, organic toiletries, anti-mozzie products, sun screen creams and other accessories that you may not wish to carry with you from home.


Samahita Yoga Thailand

Samahita retail boutique


Samahita Retreat has free Wi-Fi internet access on site and in all rooms and provides a complimentary guest computer station. Samahita Retreat’s inexpensive eco-friendly laundry service will be at your disposal during the course of our training.


Samahita Retreat's gentle setting inspires long, refreshing walks on the beach or through the meandering back roads. The main shopping areas are still within easy reach, about fifteen to thirty minutes away by car or motorbike.


Samahita Yoga Thailand

Sunset at Samahita Retreat


Sattva Dining at Samahita Retreat

Food serves a dual purpose of healthily nourishing the body and mind while also delighting the senses through great taste and variation. The food philosophy at Samahita Retreat is based on the principle of ‘sattva', a Sanskrit term that means pure and light. The emphasis is on natural ingredients that are easy to digest, including yoghurt, kefir, soymilk, coconut milk, ghee, cereal grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and breakfast juices – all homemade daily. Samahita's homemade granola is a favourite with many of our students.


Alkaline drinking water is available on-site for you to fill in your water bottle.


Samahita Yoga Thailand

Open dining and lounge area


The open dining and lounge area with a buffet section face the pool area and beach and is a hub of communal social activity where new friends are made. Buffets are available for brunch and dinner, with an à la carte option available throughout the day. There is a strong Thai emphasis, but other Asian, European and Indian dishes as well as raw food dishes are served. 


Samahita Yoga Thailand

Samahita juice bar


The juice bar serves various types of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and healthy snacks including homegrown organic wheatgrass, fresh coconuts, blended shakes, freshly made cookies and energy balls. You can also order coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans and ice cream.


Samahita Retreat


Samahita Yoga Thailand