Who is this course for?


This course has been structured and is open and suitable for

  • yoga students aspiring to become teachers,
  • established teachers seeking to refresh and enrich their teaching skills and personal practice,
  • yoga students wanting to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga,
  • health professionals keen to broaden their knowledge and skills.


Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training


Most current yoga teachers started out as students who had discovered that their attitude and approach to life had been transformed as a result of the subtle shifts that had been taking place in their values and mind-set over the years of yoga practice. This gradually invoked in them an aspiration to share what they had discovered and eventually facilitate similar life changes in others.


The move to start sharing your passion for yoga as a teacher will add a new dimension to your life-long journey of growth and learning. Teaching is a multi-faceted skill that that can be learned and cultivated under professional guidance, along with its appropriate responsibilities and commitments. The elements of this foundational teacher training course have been carefully designed and put together to give you the necessary set of tools that will empower you as a teacher to fulfil the calling to share yoga’s transformative potential with others.


No matter how experienced we are in our teaching, all teachers continue to be students – throughout their journey. Alongside our continued self-study there is a need to refresh our practice and update our teaching skills. As we proceed on our own path and fine-tune our perception, we realise the areas where we need to develop. This course is a welcome study immersion for established teachers to refresh and renew and to deepen their practice and study of anatomy, asana, pranayama, philosophy and consciousness.


To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach.

Hindu proverb


Deborah Tom

YYTT 2013 students Louise (Bahrain), Lisette (Holland), Becky (UK) and Sareena (Thailand) in study buddy activity at Samahita lounge and library.


Personal transformation

This course is also open to and warmly welcomes yoga practitioners without the current intention of learning to become a teacher. Your primary interest may equally well be the deepening and broadening of your own understanding of yoga – a chance to focus on your personal mat practice and individual growth. Or you may be a health professional seeking to enrich to your current expertise and skills. For such students, this course serves as an inspiring springboard into a lifetime of study.


We regularly have students whose initial intention is centred on the enhancement of their own practice. As the course progresses and internal shifts take place, this experience becomes so meaningful that they eventually choose to sit the exams and partake in the assessments in order to earn a teaching certificate and step further out of their comfort zone than initially intended


Should you choose not to go through the examination process, you would simply be participating as a student in the ‘assessed taught classes’ delivered by your peers, and the written exam would be optional to attend as a learning tool or you would do self-study instead of the written exam.


YYTT 2013

On YYTT 2013 we had 24 students from 19 different countries. Here are Gamage (Sri Lanka), Smita (UK) and Aleksandra (Poland) engaged in group work.


YYTT 2014

YYTT 2014 students Marjet (The Netherlands), Julia (Australia), Neil (UK) and Sawa (Japan).


YYTT2016 Students

YYTT 2016 students Jacquelene Sadeq (Australia) and Annette Fuhrman (USA) revising and enjoying the beachfront pool on a break.